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is that sAND

oh my god it was just ONE TIME

and i was really hungry ):

but thanks i guess

oh, a completely natural food! he takes a bite of it very happily

and it melts off

it was a plastic banana

oh boy at last, real food

i'm lucky this girl likes sushi

thank you!

drag & drop

uah when people do stuff because of me it makes me so happy because most of the time it’s something i wish everyone did and then everyone does it and it’s great

i can’t believe leppo is literally a meme

he is a meme he’s the worst kind of meme

ohhhh nooo these sound really interesting :3c i’d def read the second thing… & re: the last point was that before he became angry all over again how did he re-evolve into trash O:

he was actually

not that angry!! when he was a cop he was probably the happiest in his entire life but he isn’t aware of that.

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stretches body okay i’m in bed but i have the laptop with me i’m ready to pARTY


crie it’s a lot i’m sorry but thanks for enabling me

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I’d say it was exponential


i’ve been thinking abt leppo a lot slay me

i’m having a gross smirnoff but it’s alcohol so i don’t care chugs it down


i’m going to try posting doodles in batches rather than one at a time since that seems less spammy (>O<)ノ

the leppos are reinapepiada's & nikola is narihira's!