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is that sAND

oh my god it was just ONE TIME

and i was really hungry ):

but thanks i guess

oh, a completely natural food! he takes a bite of it very happily

and it melts off

it was a plastic banana

oh boy at last, real food

i'm lucky this girl likes sushi

thank you!

drag & drop

no i unironically am starting to want to fuck ghosts this isn’t right i need to go to church



Was taking random pictures of my mother and this came out…pretty terrifying

Okay~Re-sent~!  Sorry for the trouble ^^’

Anyhow… here’s Semla!

Human name: Semmel / Hedvig

Traditional Dessert


Age: ???? (first illustration of a Semla dates from mid 13th century, but it’s said to be a copy of a roman version so??? idk. Well. At least she’s older than she looks // and acts)

Physical Age: 18-23

Height: 175 cm

Sexuality: Pansexual

Likes: Almond paste, Milk (being her main, eatable/drinkable ingredients). Sleeping. Music/Singing, Dancing

Dislikes: Fridges. FRIDGES


after all, i’m simply one hell of a meme

Perfection: Page 1&2




a bestie for panna //slapped

surrounded by cute girls aren’t i

forgotten character that i never got to properly use but was roughly like every mean character i always have

lmao most of my genderqueer characters have a pink color palette

penta is so cute omg o:

thank u anon

ur cute too

I'm just imagining an episode where charas try seducing other desserts by eating the food version of them and being dramatic about it.

there’s so many wrong things with that